Skilled recipe proofing to ensure your recipes taste wonderful and meet all legal requirements.


The Skinny Chef is nothing if not versatile. Another string to his bow is his experience in recipe testing, ensuring that the dishes he creates pass the all-important taste test, as well as all legal requirements. For legal reasons, the instructions on food packaging and in recipe books must work, and be safe to eat.

The Skinny Chef recipe proofing

Food photography provided by Charles Ward

As you know, it’s vitally important that any recipe works – whether it’s the cooking instructions on your food packaging, a fully-fledged recipe in a book or on a cooking website. The Skinny Chef will guarantee that your recipe works for you.

Prepping for your taste panels

Paul has gained invaluable experience enabling him to work with leading supermarket chains over many years. He has been employed to proof read and test recipes to ensure they actually work before anything goes to print or is published online. Sometimes this involves taste panels and prepping for that. Paul understands the whole food process, and all the relevant legal requirements, so you'll be in safe hands.


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Paul is a highly skilled development manager who understands the ever-increasing requirements of our business, the cooking techniques and the possibilities of the ingredients. I would recommend Paul’s skills to anyone, at any time.
— Jaap Baas, Vika BV