Paul Hunt aka The Skinny Chef

Say 'hello' to Paul Hunt. A fully qualified chef with over 30 years experience in food development, preparation and styling.

Paul aka the Skinny Chef’s absolute passion for food came from his French mother, who had an incredible talent for cooking. Madame Hunt prepared everything from scratch and made it all look so easy and exciting. Paul was hooked at an early age: all he wanted to be was a chef. 

His obvious talent was soon recognised and, after his initial, formal training, he became Head Chef at Euro Esso Hotels (Crest) at just 22 years of age. Fine dining beckoned and off he went to the French Horn in Sonning-on-Thames – a well-known hotel and restaurant frequented by the rich and famous.

Paul also widened his experience by working in food development for Classic Cuisine in Northampton, where he developed hand-made meals for food service companies, wholesalers and brewery groups. He moved on to Geest Foods and worked on their European project team, where he successfully launched dishes throughout Europe.

Food photography provided by Charles Ward

After a few more food development roles, he returned to Classic Cuisine as the New Product Development Manager for eight years, where he ran an award-winning team of three development chefs, gaining an enviable reputation as leading innovators in the industry.

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The Skinny Chef is born

Now the Skinny Chef is running his own company called, not surprisingly, the Skinny Chef, to offer a wide range of skills to the food service industry from food styling and customer presentations, to food innovation and new product development.

The Skinny Chef is based in Northamptonshire, right in the heart of the Midlands and can easily travel to London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, or further afield if that’s where he’s needed.

Want to work with the Skinny Chef? Contact Paul Hunt today on 07535 902823 or email us today. 

I’ve always said you should never trust a skinny chef! As you can see, I’m now having to eat my words. But I’m absolutely passionate about food, creating exciting, innovative and nutritious meals for all - and I’d love to do the same for you.
— Paul Hunt, The Skinny Chef